Air Cooler Buying Guide India 2024

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When selecting a Air Cooler for your home you will need to pay attention to several factors.

Let us discuss those factors:

1. Know The Benefits Of Using Air Coolers

Energy Efficiency:

A normal air cooler on a typical household consumes up to 10 times less energy than an AC unit, promising significant savings in electricity bills for homeowners. Some coolers today also come equipped with inverter technology which further reduces its overall consumption of power!

Environment friendly:

Air coolers use the natural process of evaporative cooling with zero carbon emissions, which makes them an eco-friendly option that’s good for our planet!

Installation & Movability:

The air cooler is a much better choice for your home. Unlike an AC, which needs professional installation and cannot be moved around without causing serious damage to the unit or house’s wiring system-the portable design makes this appliance extremely easy to install and move from place-to place as needed.

Capital & Recurring Costs:

An air cooler is a cheaper alternative to an air conditioner. Capital and recurring costs are much lower, making it easier on your wallet in the long run!

2. Know The Types of Air Cooler

Desert Cooler:

Benefits Of Desert Cooler:

  • The Desert cooler is a perfect solution for dry climate regions.
  • It has large tanks, big blowers or fans and powerful motors which allow it to cool down spaces with superior air throws that last up to 8 hours in one go.
  • With tank capacity of up to 100-litres, Desert air coolers can run for long hours to provide uninterrupted cooling.

Ideal For: Medium to Large Living Room, Gym, Party Hall, Shop, Restaurant, Closed Outdoors.

Personal Air Cooler

Benefits Of Personal Air Coolers:

  • Personal air coolers are a more personalized solution that operate quietly and consume less energy than desert-cooled units. 
  • They come with castor wheels for mobility, which take up much less room then open cooling systems do in comparison.
  • Personal air coolers work best when you are close to them.

Ideal For: Bedroom, Study Room, Kids’ Room, Dining Area, Hostel Room, Small Office, Small Shop.

Tower Air Cooler

Benefits Of Tower Air Coolers:

  • Tower air coolers are slim, sleek and elegant and are designed to fit in the small spaces.
  • Tower air coolers throw air at a higher point as compared to other types of coolers.
  • Foremost benefit lies in height of tower air coolers because when you are standing straight or sitting at a high desk, you want spot cooling with the air to be delivered right above your waist.

Ideal For: Bedroom, Study Room, Kids’ Room, Dining Area, Hostel Room, Small Office, Small Shop.

Window Air Cooler:

Benefits Of Window Air Coolers:

  • Window air coolers are meant to be fitted in the windows and thus they save you floor space which you can utilise for something else.
  • Window air coolers are the best option for circulating fresh air inside the room as they pull the air directly from outside.

Ideal For: Bedroom, Study Room, Kids’ Room, Dining Area, Hostel Room, Small Office, Small Shop.

Key Features to Look Out Before Buying Air Cooler

Room Size 

It is important to choose an air cooler as per the size of the room where it is to be installed. There is a simple, standard formula to choose the correct size of an air cooler for your room based on the airflow you will require for the available room size. For air coolers, the airflow is measured in terms of CFM (cubic feet per minute) which refers to the volume of air that the fan can blow per minute. The more the CFM, the larger would be the area that is covered by the cooler.

CFM of airflow = Room size in sq. ft * ceiling height / 2

For example, for a 250 square feet room with 10 ft. of height, the required CFM will be 250 * 10 / 2 = 1250.

Air Throw Distance

One of the important things to consider in an air cooler is the fan and its blade profile. Also, the cooler is expected to cool the entire room which is where air throw distance becomes important. Longer air throw is achieved by the profile of fan blades which is where coolers that have high angled fan blades are able to deliver cool air to longer distances that translate to larger area being cooled. 

Tank Capacity & Auto-fill Function

Air coolers come in different tank capacities and therefore you will have to choose the cooler with the right tank capacity as per your room size. A large water tank will provide cooling for long hours and vice-versa. Another important thing you should look out for is the Auto-fill function as we are pretty sure you would not want to wake up in the middle of the night or be disturbed in the middle of some important work just to refill the cooler tank. An ideal cooler should run for the entire night without having to refill it.

For smaller capacity coolers, Auto-Fill tank features come in handy as it replenishes the water on a continuous basis. In addition to that, one must ensure that the water pump of the cooler is compatible with hard water conditions and has a longer shelf life.

Quality of Cooling Pads

An air cooler which comes with a good cooling pad can make all the difference in significantly keeping your room cold for a longer duration. For years, cooler manufacturing brands and companies have used wool wood or aspen pads, however, with advances in technology and innovation in product designing, Honeycomb cooling pads are becoming more popular because of their efficiency in providing long-lasting cooling. 

Anti-Mosquito feature

Mosquitoes may breed in still and stagnant water of an air cooler which can pose a huge health hazard and increase the risk of diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Air coolers today come with Anti-mosquito breeding feature which is extremely useful in prevention of breeding of mosquitoes inside the cooler. 

Dust filter

With the decreasing air quality on a daily basis, we suggest you to go with an air cooler which comes with a dust filter which will help in maintaining indoor air clean. A dust filter in an air cooler filters the dust and other thin particles from the air pulled in from the outer environment. 

Ice Chamber

Some air coolers also come with ice chambers inside them which will provide you quick and enhanced cooling in a short period of time. In ice chambers inside the air cooler, you can put ice cubes for cooling the water inside the air cooler quickly.

Inverter Compatibility

If you are living in an area where frequent power cuts take place, then you must go for an inverter compatible air cooler for enjoying uninterrupted comfortable cooling.

Convenience of Control

Today, air coolers also come with remote control. A remote control comes in handy if you want to access the speed settings and other features of your air coolers from a far distance with the air cooler. You also have the option of choosing smart coolers nowadays which work on Wi-Fi and can also be controlled with voice via voice assistants.


Nowadays, air coolers come in unique attractive designs shapes and sizes which will increase the beauty of your room for sure. With the new-age, trendy air coolers, you not only enjoy the ultimate in cooling comfort but also the pride of ownership.


We hope that by reading this guide, you have got the right idea which will help you in buying a Air Cooler according to your needs.

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