Gas Stove Buying Guide India 2024

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When selecting a Gas Stove for your home you will need to pay attention to several factors.

Let us discuss those factors:

Know the Number of Burners Required

The below table shows gas stove with how many burners is enough for fulfilling requirements of your family:

Household SizeIdeal Burners Required
1-2 members1 or 2 burners
2-3 members2 or 3 burners
3-5 members3 or 4 burners
4 or more members4 or more burners

Check Distance Between the Burners

Burner distance is the distance between any two burners of the gas stove. It is possible that you may not be able to use large utensils simultaneously even if you purchase a stove with three or more burners.

Differentiate Between Brass and Aluminium Burners 

There is a slight difference between the two however, both are safe, efficient, and cook food properly.

Benefits of Brass Burners:

  • Easy to Use and Setup
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Wide Applicability
  • High Durability and Long Lasting Life

Benefits of Aluminum Burners:

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Very Economical
  • Low Melting Point

Types of Ignition

Gas stove comes in auto and manual ignition. In an auto ignition gas stove, there is no need for a matchstick or electric lighter to ignite the burner. In manual ignition we require a matchstick or electric lighter for igniting the burner.

Autoignition is only about the ease of cooking, manual ignition is like any other ignition that we have always seen on the gas stoves. If you want the ease of cooking then go for a gas stove with auto-ignition, however, it would be costlier on your pocket than manual ignition.

ISI Certification

ISI marks are a hallmark of the Indian Standards Institute (ISI) check. The hallmark is necessary for all electronic household appliances including gas stoves. When you are purchasing a gas stove, check for the ISI mark as the gas stove manufacturer would have followed established procedures to receive the ISI certification. It is advisable to buy the ISI-certified gas stove.

Check the Top Finishing of Gas Stove

A gas stove comes in two top finishes- Glass Top and Steel. The glassy finish is easy to clean, giving off a sharp look that’s perfect for your home décor needs! They’re also durable enough to last through all sorts of weather conditions including snowfall or rain without flaking away. The glass top finish is easy to clean and gives a sharper look to the gas stove. The glass top is durable and strong.

Design and Style

You come to know about the most important things that have been considered above, now it is time to look for design and styling of gas stove. Many design options are available for gas stoves in the market at today’s times. You can go for gas stoves that have a hard glass top, no glass top or are black in colour or plain silver in colour. You can even purchase gas stoves with a floral design on the glass top.

 More importantly, look for the alignment of the burners and the placement of knobs to give you the best utility. The placement of knobs should be right in front of the person cooking for ease of use and safety. Make sure to test burners and corresponding knobs.


We hope that by reading this guide, you have got the right idea which will help you in buying a Gas Stove according to your needs.

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