Hair Dryer Buying Guide India 2024

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When selecting a Hair Dryer for your home you will need to pay attention to several factors.

Let us discuss those factors:

Know the Types of Hair Dryer

Ionic Hair Dryers 

Ionic hair dryers release negatively charged ions which break positively charged water molecules. Basically, these hair dryers are meant for fine hair types but not suitable for too frizzy and thick hair. The extent of the hot air released by ionic hair dryers depends on the heating coil material used in it. These dryers are not good for styling, as an electromagnetic field is built in these dryers. Using an ionic dryer for a long duration may harm you.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Ceramic hair dryers are inexpensive than ionic one. This type of hair dryer has a ceramic coating on the heating coil or its internal structure is encrusted with ceramic clay. These dryers are best suitable for long hairs. Ceramic hair dryers produce infrared rays which are not harmful. 

Tourmaline And Titanium Hair Dryers

These hair dryers are made of tourmaline and titanium materials used for coating inside the dryers to improve the efficiency. These hair dryers are comparatively expensive because the tourmaline gemstone and titanium element have a huge demand. These dryers are very gentle and quicker than ionic or ceramic hair dryers. Tourmaline and titanium hair dryers are 50 times faster than other dryers. 

Check the Features of Different Hair Dryer Coil Types:

Hair Dryer Coil TypeFeatures
Metal Coil Hair DryerBest for thin hair or fine hair. But not suitable for thick, frizzy hair
The heat produced is uneven and dry
Regular usage results in brittle and dry hair which is prone to breaking easily
Economical, price starts from Rs. 600
Ceramic Hair DryerBest for thin hair or fine hair. But not suitable for thick, frizzy hair
The heat produced is even, consistent and less harsh
No damage to hair. It preserve moisture to ensure hair remains healthy and shiny
Medium pricing, price starts from Rs. 1,200
Tourmaline Hair DryerBest for thick, frizzy hair. But not suitable for thin hair or fine hair
The heat produced is even, consistent and less harsh
No damage to hair. It preserves moisture to ensure hair remains healthy and shiny.
Very expensive, price starts from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 25,000

Hair Dryers are of Three Types Based on Their Structure:

  1. Handheld Hair Dryer
  2. Salon Hood Hair Dryer
  3. Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Handheld hair dryers are the most common hair dryers, these dryers are compact size dryers and are also called travel hair dryers.

Wall mounted hair dryers are also called hotel hair dryers because these are generally designed for hotels, resorts and cruises. 

Salon hood hair dryers are different from the handheld and wall mounted hair dryers, these hair dryers are used in parlours or salons, generally used by professionals. 

Features to be Considered Before Buying a Hair Dryer

Watts of the hair dryer

Hair dryer efficiency is calculated by its power. Higher the wattage, the higher the efficiency of the hair dryer. Generally, hair dryer wattage ranges from 1000 watts to 3600 watts. Basic hair dryers are 1000 to 1800 watts. These hair dryers are inexpensive than the professional hair dryers, the coil in the most basic hair dryers is made of metal heating coil called nichrome. High wattage hair dryers are best suitable for thick, long and frizzy hair types.

High wattage provides you with a higher temperature and this heat is not suitable for thin and flat hair types. For people with short, flat and thin hair less wattage hair dryers are suitable and similarly thick, long and frizzy hair needs a high power hair dryer.

Weight And Size

Weight and size of the hair dryer are the must feature to be looked at before buying a hair dryer. Hair dryers are handheld devices, these devices should be balanced within your hands. The heavyweight hair dryers are not suitable for long, thick and curly hair types, as these hair types need more time to dry and heavy weight dryers may give a pain in your hand. Styling your hair needs a bit longer time and these hair dryers are not comfortable for styling.

The hair dryers should be compact and foldable such that you can carry it in your bag. Most hair dryers are small sized, but still, it is better to choose a foldable and small-sized dryer for frequent travellers.

Attachments Compatibility

Hair dryers come with a few attachments like diffuser, concentrator nozzle, comb pick nozzle. All these attachments help you to focus the air on the required area of your hair. These attachments are best used for thick and frizzy hair types, as these hair types are dense and thick and they cannot be air dried easily.

Hair Dryer Accessories

Diffuser and nozzle are helpful in air drying your hair from the downwards, the scalp. Diffusers and concentrator nozzles are mostly provided along the hair dryers itself, but the comb pick nozzle is not provided along with all hair dryers. Diffusers are not provided by basic inexpensive hair dryers, you can buy this attachment if you need.

Heat Control Settings

Heat control settings are to set your dryer temperature such that you can use it with your required temperature. Some dryers come with 3 levels of settings- high, medium and low. Some basic hair dryers have only 2 levels of setting- high and low. Choose a better one according to your requirement.

Cool Shot Button

This button provides you cool air after hair dying, these will cool down the temperature of your hair. Sometimes while styling or hair drying on high temperatures you can use these cool shot features and cool your temperature and also set your hairstyle.

Long Size Power Cord

Long size power cord of the hair dryers will give the flexibility of moving it as per your requirement.


We hope that by reading this guide, you have got the right idea which will help you in buying a Hair Dryer according to your needs.

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