How to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

When the sun shines brightly, the city transforms into hell: you step off the bus, and the heat of the pavement makes it difficult to breathe; we spend the day seeking shade from the sun’s beams. We don’t want to arrive at our flat and find it to be an oven.

You don’t always need to turn on the air conditioner to beat the heat. There are numerous conventional methods for lowering the home’s temperature. Throughout this post, you’ll learn some simple strategies to keep your house cool in the heat.

We also show you how to make your room a summertime paradise of freshness and create a homemade air conditioner. Read below to find out more!

Most homes these days have air conditioners. People have invested in the best appliance they could find, such as best IFB AC models, which help keep their home cool. However, air conditioners utilize electricity, resulting in an increased electricity bill. For this reason, our list of recommendations on how to keep your home clean involves alternatives to using your AC.

How to Keep the House Cool Without Air Conditioning

If you ask your grandparents how they dealt with the heat back in the day, they will undoubtedly mention one of the following suggestions. Use the five steps below to make your home a calm and pleasant place throughout the summer.

How to Use a Fan to Keep a Room Cool

What a brilliant idea, the pedestal fan! Is it, however, simply a matter of turning it on? No, that is not the case. Make good use of it. Place the house near a draught to freshen the air and keep it cool. Place it near an open window at night to remove heat from the environment and allow cooler air into the home.

How to Use Led Bulbs to Keep a Room Cool

If you’ve ever had the stupid notion of wanting to replace an incandescent bulb as soon as it quit working, you’ll know how hot they can get. Replace incandescent lighting with LED bulbs to cool the house and save 90 percent on electricity. You will save money on your electricity bill and eliminate heat sources. When disposing of them, learn how to recycle bulbs properly, as some are incredibly harmful to the environment and our health.

How to Use Plants to Keep Your Room Cool in the Summer

When the temperature rises for the first time, we instinctively seek the shade of plants, which beautify our surroundings and help absorb heat and humidity in the rooms. You will notice a change if you use indoor plants such as the terrible mother or ferns. If you have a tiny amount of space, you can construct a terrarium with cactus or succulents in a few simple steps that require very little care.

Also, after the sun goes down, water the floor of your garden, terrace, or balcony to refresh the surface a little. Since the heat tends to concentrate a lot in those areas during the day, this practice can help cool the floors down drastically.

Using a Variety of Décor Options

We can help lessen the temperature of the surroundings by modifying some components of our home’s decor. In addition to the plants, as previously indicated, white drapes and light materials are a good option. Dark hues absorb heat from the environment and keep your rooms warm. Painting the house with light shades, on the other hand, considerably reduces heat by creating a reflection effect that keeps the rooms cooler.

Maintain a Cool Floor

Wiping the floor with a towel is an excellent way to keep the house cool, especially after one of those oppressively hot days. The water will help to cool the home and provide a relaxing atmosphere. We also spend more time barefoot in the summer, so cleaning the floor more frequently isn’t bad. Use a cleanser like Cif Pisos 4 en 1 to remove odors and restore a fresh, welcome aspect to your home. Mix two caps with 2.5 liters of water in a bucket and wipe down the floors with a soft, controllable cloth.

Even More, Ways To Keep Your Room Clean

As the temperature rises, we all wonder how to keep the room from becoming too hot! We want to maintain the space as clean as possible because that is where we sleep. Rather than relying on air conditioning, it is preferable to begin by altering everyday activities that cause the room temperature to rise. Follow these suggestions if you don’t have air conditioning or a fan.

Without a fan, here’s how to keep a room cool:

  • Remove any silk, polyester, or other heated fabrics from your bedroom and replace them with 100 percent cotton bedding. Before going to bed, put the sheets in the freezer to cool down a little.
  • Wear light cotton clothing, similar to bedclothes, to avoid adding heat to the atmosphere and sleep cooler.
  •  Keep the doors and windows open. 
  • Clean the floor regularly.
  • Keep the number of electrical devices in the room to a minimum. This is an excellent suggestion for keeping the house cool in general. Also, switch off any artifacts that aren’t in use. On the other hand, this will assist you in conserving energy, maintaining control over appliance use, and knowing how much energy you consume.
  • Ventilation: open the windows when the sun sets; do not leave the windows open all day in the hopes of arriving at a cooler environment. If you have a fan, place it next to the window to help circulate the air.
  • Add plants to your space!

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