Top 10 Best 1 Ton Ac In India 2024 (Reviews)

Best 1 Ton AC

This is our review of the Best 1 Ton AC.

We have tested and compared all the Best 1 Ton AC in the market. After that we have prepared this list to ensure you will get quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making right purchase.

Lets’ get started!


Over the course of a month-long testing period, we selected these 1 Ton AC based on the following criteria:

These Are Top And Best 1 Ton Air Conditioner In India 2024

  • AmazonBasics ‎SOL12FS3 1 Ton AC
  • Blue Star FS312EBTU 1 Ton AC
  • Voltas ‎123V CZT3 (R32) 1 Ton AC
  • Whirlpool ‎41324 1 Ton AC
  • LG ‎‎‎PS-Q12CNXA2 1 Ton AC

5. AmazonBasics ‎SOL12FS3 1 Ton AC

On position 5 in our list, is AmazonBasics ‎SOL12FS3. Cooling capacity is very good. All functions work perfectly. We can say that this is an excellent product for small size rooms  as it cooled/chilled a 110 sqft room in 10 minutes during our testing. Included full installation kit with 3m copper pipes.

Operation is very silent. As a bonus, the LED display of this unit is hidden so it is very comforting to eyes at night. Also, it has blue coated fins in the indoor unit (good for a humid climate in terms of efficiency over a long time). We also got rubber padding for the outdoor unit base with this AC, during our testing,  so the wall mounting was free of any vibrations.


4. Blue Star FS312EBTU 1 Ton AC

Next on our list is Blue Star FS312EBTU. Being quiet, you can enjoy a sound sleep. We can say that temperature measurement is accurate. During our testing, this air conditioner maintained an even cooling across the room. But note one thing that this AC(1 Ton) can cool the small and medium sized rooms properly.

With the unique Self-diagnosis, AC alerts you of a fault in the Air Conditioner’s operation immediately, for the corrective actions. We liked that the Ac comes with a brushless DC motor which helps in extending reliability while exhibiting reduced operative noise even at high rotational speeds.


3. Voltas ‎123V CZT3 (R32) 1 Ton AC

In position 3, comes the Voltas ‎123V CZT3 (R32). The Split AC comes with an inverter compressor. This variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. Therefore, we can say that it is energy efficient and has one of the lowest-noise operations.

It looks elegant and the cooling is super efficient. As a result, of our, testing, we concluded that it takes around 10 minutes to cool room of 120 sq. ft. at 25 degrees. We have not seen any type of noise issues or problems with this one. Cooling is uniform at all.


2. Whirlpool ‎41324 1 Ton AC

Runner up is here, the Whirlpool ‎41324. Indoor, outdoor unit noise levels are low. Small looks small but we can say  that it is high in performance. Another plus point about this, we think, is the great remote and features are also good. Moreover, it has 4 different modes makin it 4 in 1 Air Conditioner.

We like to say that this model is efficient cooling, energy saving as well as low noise level. Owner history suggests less chances of any type of manufacturing defects in this air conditioner. We believe that this one is a little expensive but it is true value for money and worth it.


1. LG ‎‎‎PS-Q12CNXA2 1 Ton AC

No more wait, in position 1 is LG ‎‎‎PS-Q12CNXA2. The inverter split uses less energy along with not compromising with its performance. Super silent, you can barely hear fan noise in any fan mode as we found, in our tests. It doesn’t compromise in its performance.

The outdoor unit doesn’t make much noise, it’s silent too. There’s no chance of bacteria and mold forming in it. It has 5 different modes as per your cooling requirement. Moreover, it has HD filter with anti virus protection too. Also, we loved its other special characteristics and features like Monsoon Comfort, Self Diagnosis, Auto Clean.


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Wrapping It Up

We hope that you have had a fun and informative time reading through our article. It has covered all the factors and features you need to make an informed decision about buying the right 1 ton AC, so we are sure that you will find one that suits your needs.

If you did not find what exactly it is that matches your requirements or if there’s any other questions concerning these products- feel free to contact us in the comments!

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