Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets In India 2024 By Best Brands (Reviews)

Best Kitchen Faucets

This is our review of the Best Kitchen Faucets.

We have tested and compared all the Best Kitchen Faucets in the market. After that we have prepared this list to ensure you will get quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making right purchase.

Lets’ get started!


Over the course of a month-long testing period, we selected these Kitchen Faucets based on the different criteria.

These Are Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets In India 2024

  • Kohler 25418IN-4-CP Kitchen Faucet
  • Kohler 77764IN-SD-VS Kitchen Faucet
  • Kohler 37313IN-4-CP Kitchen Faucet
  • Kohler 13963T-C4-CP Kitchen Faucet

4. Kohler 25418IN-4-CP Kitchen Faucet

The Kohler 25418IN-4-CP turned out to be an awesome faucetc within a budget. As a bonus, very minimal installation time is required. The neck is long enough to work with most wash basins. The water on/off mechanism is very smooth. In addition it is much better than those other knob type faucets. 

This beam kitchen faucet is ideal for washing purposes in an Indian environment with higher reach and deck clearance. The aerator flow and angle minimize splashing. No leakage was found during the testing.


3. Kohler 77764IN-SD-VS Kitchen Faucet

If you want a long life from the kitchen faucet and are willing to pay more, then go for the Kohler 77764IN-SD-VS. Impressive specs include articulating docking arm raises 45 degrees providing additional clearance for filling pots or washing large objects and swivels 360 degrees allowing for unobstructed use of the sink basin.

High-arch and unique exposed-hose design will provide exceptional control and flexibility for the sure. As we said before, if you are willing to spend more, then this is the best option as it comes with all those qualities which one expects from such an expensive faucet.


2. Kohler 37313IN-4-CP Kitchen Faucet

The Kohler 37313IN-4-CP is added with high quality material construction and finish for premium look and feel. The triple plating done in this kitchen faucet makes it corrosion resistant. We found no major issues during the testing.

This kitchen faucet ensured smooth water flow without any tpe of leakage. We loved the finish of this kitchen faucet. It is designed to complete all needs in the Indian kitchen and families.


1. Kohler 13963T-C4-CP Kitchen Faucet

It’s no secret that the Kohler 13963T-C4-CP can be an expensive purchase but will pay off the money you will spend on it. The premium and elegant looking kitchen faucet is made with solid metal construction making it durable and reliable. 

The 360 degrees movable swivel is suitable for different conditions as per your needs. It offers three-function pullout spray head with touch-control that allows you to switch from stream to spray to pause. Other notable qualities of this kitchen faucet include high-arch swing spout and superior foam flow. 


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