Top 10 Best Mass Gainer In India 2024 By Best Brands (Reviews)

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This is our review of the Best Mass Gainer In India 2024.

We have tested and compared all the best mass gainer in the Indian market. After that we have prepared this list to ensure you will get quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making right purchase.

Lets’ get started!


Over the course of a month-long testing period, we selected these mass gainer based on the different criteria.

These Are Top And Best Mass Gainer In India 2024

  • MuscleXP ‎MUSXP109 Mass Gainer
  • Labrada LBMUSMGR06 Mass Gainer
  • Optimum Nutrition (ON) 1101537 Mass Gainer
  • Bigmuscles ‎RMG2.7 Mass Gainer
  • MuscleBlaze ‎NUT5225-01x Mass Gainer
  • Prorganiq Premium Mass Gainer

6. MuscleXP ‎MUSXP109 Mass Gainer

In position 6, we have listed MuscleXP ‎MUSXP109.

The carbs versus protein ratio in this product is found to be awesome, during our testing. It helps not only the gym freaks, just any adult who wants to maintain strong muscles and manage its wear and tear. Investing in your body demands time and discipline and it’s a challenge for the working class and especially women who manage home and office with equal efficiency. 

Having a right blend of high-quality nutrition and additive calories is essential for a healthy living as our food intake has a lot of nutritional gaps. We can say that we can’t get a full course meal on a daily basis. We think that this is a great health supplement for strength building for your family.


5. Labrada LBMUSMGR06 Mass Gainer

In position 5, Labrada LBMUSMGR06 comes in our list.

Good product, great taste and quality appreciated. Results will not be visible immediately. Yet, during our testing, our testers said that they feel energetic, after consuming the product. Mixability and the flavour is too good. We can say that this one is a trustworthy and authenticated product 

Great mass gainer for beginners, our tester and its customer history used it for months with a good diet and results were great. It’s best for beginners, and best value for investing your money, great testing flavor. Overall, we loved this product. Must buy this item for beginners and advanced also.


4. Optimum Nutrition (ON) 1101537 Mass Gainer

Next in our list, comes Optimum Nutrition (ON) 1101537.

Most protein powders meant for weight gain form thick porridge like when mixed with water or milk. This is not found like that, during our testing. It’s quite liquidy and hence light on the stomach. Our testers did not feel heavy after drinking and digested easily! Exactly what is needed when you want calories without feeling bloated and heavy!!

We believe that this is best for beginners who need to gain mass only. Best use with mild heated milk. It’s mixability is better than other foreign brands, taste is good for those who don’t want sweetness, it has the perfect balance of sweetness and thickness. Digestion is no issue, no bloating, no fullness as told by our testers, after our testing.


3. Bigmuscles ‎RMG2.7 Mass Gainer

Here comes the second runner up of our list, Bigmuscles ‎RMG2.7.

This mass gainer comes in a budget. The amount of protein per scoup is a little bit less but as compared to price, we think that it’s ok. Very good supplement. Mixibility is just awesome. You can try it with Oats and Bananas for more gains. Just blend it properly in a mixer. The amount of protein per scoup is a lil bit less but as compared to price it’s ok.

Our testers suggest that you always try it with Milk for better taste and more carbs. Main part really helps you gain weight. Our testers used this product with good effect and no side effects. It’s completely safe but make sure to always follow the instructions behind the pack of mass gainers.


2. MuscleBlaze ‎NUT5225-01x Mass Gainer

We have listed this MuscleBlaze ‎NUT5225-01x in position 2 of our list.

As we know MuscleBlaze is one of the fastest growing health and nutrition products. It’s not only a renowned product. But, it also provides the consumers satisfaction beyond the ordinary expectations.

Many customers were asked. One of them said that when he started with this product, his weight was 62.5 kg and after using this product with one scoop twice in a day, he increased his weight 8 kg and then his weight was 70.8 kg. Many more customers got positive results after using this product. 

This one is perfect for beginners. You will get a great combination of nutrients with this. If you work hard enough and take this, you will get the results for sure. Overall, this mass gainer is found to be best in all aspects as compared to other mass gainers we’ve tested.


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1. Prorganiq Premium Mass Gainer

Prorganiq Premium Mass Gainer is a premium advanced muscle mass gainer enriched with a powerful muscle gain formula for those in need of those extra calories and wants to stay high on muscle mass, size, and definition.

Prorganiq Mass Gainer is soy-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Prorganiq Premium Mass Gainer is available in 2 scrumptious flavors: double rich chocolate and cream & cookies.

A controlled calorie weight gain powder to help you achieve your muscle-building goals, Prorganiq Premium Mass Gainer is ideal for all hardcore fitness enthusiasts who want to gain sturdy and big muscles and achieve a sculpted physique.

You can add 100 grams or 2 heaping scoops of Prorganiq Premium Mass Gainer to 260-280ml of cold water or milk and blend it for 50-60 seconds. Thereafter, you can consume 1-3 servings of Prorganiq Premium Mass Gainer every day on both your workout and non-workout days.

Prorganiq Premium Mass Gainer is best taken after your workout sessions, cardio sessions, or strength training sessions but it can also be consumed in between meals.


Wrapping It Up

Mass gainer powders are the best way to ensure that you’re getting enough of this essential ingredient for muscle building.

We have compiled a list of some of the top mass gainer powders in India and we encourage readers to comment below if they think any products should be added!

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