10 Best Refrigerator In India 2024 By Best Brands (Reviews)

Best Refrigerator In India

This is our review of the Best Refrigerator In India.

We have tested and compared all the Best Fridge in the market. After that we have prepared this list to ensure you will get quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making right purchase.

Lets’ get started!


Over the course of 6 month-long testing period, we selected these refrigerators based on the following criteria:

  • For how long it retains coolness?
  • Is it a energy-efficient refrigerator?
  • Does it keep the food germ-free?
  • Is it eco friendly?

Our picks are based on product warranty, features, durability and brand popularity below.

We have added a detailed comparison table at the end of article to help you in comparing the each product features.

Don’t forget to check it out.

We also have sorted all the fridges we have reviewed on the basis of budget: less than ₹15000, less than ₹20000, less than ₹25000 and less than ₹30000.

Top And Best Refrigerator In India 2024

  • Whirlpool‎ NEO 258LH CLS PLUS GERMAN STEEL (2s)-N Refrigerator
  • Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S GREY Refrigerator
  • Haier ‎HEB-25TGS Refrigerator
  • AmazonBasics AB2019RF007 Refrigerator
  • ‎Whirlpool ‎IF INV CNV 278 GERMAN STEEL (3s)-N Refrigerator
  • ‎Samsung RF57A5032S9/TL Refrigerator

6. Whirlpool‎ NEO 258LH CLS PLUS GERMAN STEEL (2s)-N Refrigerator

Here comes the Whirlpool NEO 258LH CLS PLUS GERMAN STEEL (2s)-N which is fine in looks, storage space is good, cools perfectly even at low settings, the knobs inside are not very smooth in operations but still does the job.

We think that the product is quite efficient, the main storage compartment has a capacity of around 170L and the vegetables stay quite fresh. Has a mechanism to keep the odour out.

The design is modern and looks simply amazing. We loved its build quality. In addition, the handle enhances its beauty. In fact this refrigerator fits perfectly in this budget range. There was no factory defect or issue found during our testing.

Our Recommendation: Made for who want a high performance double door fridge.

Its rival refrigerator will also be a great pick for the money. We are also satisfied with its performance and features which are given in this Samsung ‎RT28T3523S8/HL. This fridge won’t disappoint you specially If you’re looking for efficient and smart fridge.

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5. Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S GREY Refrigerator

At budget comes Whirlpool  WDE 205 CLS 3S GREY.  The space is amazingly satisfying. There is no need to remove the water from the backside after defrost as it gets vaporized safely in this budget model. The insulated capillary technology gives efficient and fast cooling.

The shelves are made of good quality. We put different utensils and it bore all the weights easily. In addition, the colour finish done on this refrigerator is good. It is a lightweight product so can be easily installed.

Owner history of this model suggests that it gave a long life if taken cared properly and found no defects. We can’t complain as per the budget of this refrigerator.

Our Recommendation: It is made for those who want a good and budget single door refrigerator.

If you want a high end performance on a single door fridge than you can also consider the Samsung ‎RR21T2H2WCB/HL model we also love its specification and powerful performance, Due to its slightly high price we don’t include this refrigerator in our list but make sure to check out this refrigerator also.


4. Haier ‎HEB-25TGS Refrigerator

Next on our list is the Haier ‎HEB-25TGS which is a BMR (Bottom Mounted Refrigerator) and can be converted also. Great built quality with great looks and contemporary design. Spacious enough to serve the purpose of a family of 4-5 members. 8-in-1 convertible feature with digital controls.

Easy installation procedure. Silent with excellent cooling capacity. It can make ice within 35 minutes as per the results of our testing

We can say that great freezer space is provided and ample space in the non-freezer compartment with a good crisper that keeps vegetables almost fresh during our testing. Very less noise was being heared when it was on during tests.

Our Recommendation: For those who are looking for a Bottom Freezer refrigerator this might be a good choice.


3. AmazonBasics AB2019RF007 Refrigerator

Number 3 of our list goes to AmazonBasics AB2019RF007, the spacious and stylish refrigerator comes with a capacity of 411 litres which is ideal for families with 5 or more members. This one model is eco-friendly with its R600a/34g coolant.

As a bonus, it has thick, sturdy and strong internal bottle, egg and ice trays. Very less noise produced by this refrigerator which can’t be heard when the room fan is on.

In addition, it has cyclopentane foaming agent which is for increased cooling retention. We think that this product is overall suitable for its price range without any doubt.

Our Recommendation: Made For Those who want a high storage refrigerator.


2. ‎Whirlpool ‎IF INV CNV 278 GERMAN STEEL (3s)-N Refrigerator

The runner up of the list is‎ Whirlpool ‎IF INV CNV 278 GERMAN STEEL (3s)-N. The 57-centimeters-wide refrigerator will easily fit in small spaces. The spacious refrigerator has a convertible freezer with 5 in 1 modes. All the features you should expect in this price range in a refrigerator are present here. Its intellisense inverter technology ensure matchless performance.

We are really impressed by the shelves are very good, side shelves are very useful and nicely designed. Overall we think it gives a satisfying performance at this price.

The vegetables remains fresh for much longer and even if the power goes for almost for a day, still the cooling is not lost to spoil the vegetables. We can say that its various types of storage makes a real difference at the end of the day.

Our Recommendation: For those, looking for multi featured, modern and spacious refrigerator.


1. ‎Samsung RF57A5032S9/TL Refrigerator

Finally the wait is over and the winner of our 1 position is Samsung RF57A5032S9/TL. This luxurious-looking and premium fridge is extremely practical and offers a spacious 580 litres of storage capacity. It comes in traditional stainless steel color. Good depth and breadth of each shelf inside fridge.

The freezer is provided downside and we can say it comes with good area of storage. The bottle area is also pretty good. We get to see very good lightening in both the fridge and the freezer.

The French door refrigerator is perfect in all aspects of a refrigerator. It is little expensive. But if you are ready for paying more rupees and wants a long life refrigerator then you can invest in this model for sure.

Our Recommendation: It is a perfect refrigerator if you want super high performance and spacious fridge.


We haven’t seen evidence of any serious quality or reliability issues. But its price is a bit high.

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How we picked Refrigerator

Since refrigerators all basically work well (as long as they don’t break), we had simple criteria for our picks in those three popular styles. Here’s what we prioritized:

Sturdy build quality: 

You use your fridge more than almost anything else in your home, so it’s important to buy something that you’ll be happy to interact with and that can hold up under daily use for about a decade.

We visited several showrooms to get a feel for how well-made our picks (and their competitors) are. Did the drawers pull out smoothly or with a cheap rattle? Did the doors feel hefty or hollow? Were the shelves intuitively laid out? Can the door bins hold gallon-size jugs or just ketchup bottles?

No obvious signs of defects or design flaws: 

We’d love to guarantee that we’re picking the most reliable fridges, but we don’t have a crystal ball that can tell us how they’ll hold up in three years, five years, or 10 years. What we can do, though, is look for consistent complaints written in owner reviews about problems that pop up within the first year or so of use.

These include noisy compressors, noisy fans, cooling-system failures, control-board failures, and ice-maker jams.

Simple features: 

You can pay more for nicer ice and water dispensers, or extra drawers and doors, or sleeker finishes and handles, or a built-in touchscreen tablet. They all have their merits (okay, maybe not the tablet).

But we chose to focus on basic models because repair technicians say that they tend to be more reliable (with fewer parts that can break). They also cost hundreds less to do essentially the same job.

That said, we think it’s nice to have some basic conveniences, like an auto-defrosting freezer, adjustable shelves, crisper drawers, and glass or plastic (rather than wire) shelves in the fridge compartment.

The vast majority of fridges have all of those features, and they’re the only ones we seriously considered recommending.

Which Refrigerator Brand Is Best In India?

You will get to see a lot of refrigerator brands in India, which claimed themselves to be the best, but we will tell you about those brands which are actually really good and best. 

We have made a list of our best brands in this way which includes the company’s popularity, customer service and the quality of their products.

To prepare this list, we consulted many people which were using the refrigerator and asked them what they liked about the brand and ask them to give your review without any bias.

These Are Best Refrigerator Brands In India 2024

  • LG
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • Godrej

Whirlpool ⎯ Most Reliable Brand In India

Samsung ⎯  Most Durable Brand In India

Comparison Table Of Best Refrigerator

Many Refrigerator have different features, how good it would be if you were told the features of all the Refrigerator in a single list. To help you to compare the Refrigerator we have made a product comparison table.

Let’s look at this product comparison table of top Refrigerator: 

Wrapping It Up

Nowadays, the importance and use of refrigerators is increasing day by day especially in the summer season. Refrigerators are used for various purposes like cooling food, water, making ice creams and for preserving fruits and vegetables etc.

Refrigerator maintains low temperature and provides cooling which helps to keep your food fresh. It retain coolness even in electricity cut up to 12 hours.

Refrigerators suggested by our article are based on strong and robust database and feedback. It is an unbiased review and refrigerators are listed taking into consideration quality, cooling capacity, warranty, customer care service point and brand popularity.

Nowadays refrigerators come in a wide range of prices but you should make right choice in selecting it according to your budget.

If you want to know more about Refrigerator, then you should read our article containing in depth Research Buyer guide on Refrigerator. After reading it, you can infer for yourself which Refrigerator is right and best for you.

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