Best Side By Side Refrigerator Under 50000 In India 2024 (Reviews)

This is our review of the Best Side By Side Refrigerator Under 50000.

We have tested and compared all the Best Side By Side Refrigerator Under 50000 in the market. After that we have prepared this list to ensure you will get quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making right purchase.

Lets’ get started !


Over the course of 4 month-long testing period, we selected these Side By Side Refrigerator Under 50000 based on the different criteria.

Our picks are based on product warranty, features, durability and brand popularity below.

These Are Top And Best Side By Side Refrigerator Under 50000 In India 2024

  • Lifelong LLSBSR505 Side By Side Refrigerator
  • Midea MDRS619FGG28IND Side By Side Refrigerator
  • Midea MRF5920WDSSF Side By Side Refrigerator
  • AmazonBasics ‎AB2019RF005 Side By Side Refrigerator

4. Lifelong LLSBSR505 Side By Side Refrigerator

In the position 4, comes the Lifelong LLSBSR505.

It has a capacity of 505 litres which is quite efficient due to different storage options. The refrigerator is equipped with an LED display panel through which it can be controlled like temperature. As a bonus, it is a quiet refrigerator. We found its noise levels not zero, but so low that you won’t be disturbed.

The inverter compressor provided better cooling with less power consumption, during our tests. It maintained the coolness effect for a much longer time. Also, its defrost avoids the frost formation inside the refrigerator. Designwise, it has unique pattern design along with a sturdy build. In its budget, we concluded it to be a good package, during our testing.

3. Midea MDRS619FGG28IND Side By Side Refrigerator

Within 50k budget, the next refrigerator comes from Midea, the Midea MDRS619FGG28IND.

Designwise, its colour makes it unique in looks from our entire list. The color name is black jazz. This refrigerator comes with 482 L of capacity enough for most of the needs. It has a heavy build making it more durable in long-term. It is equipped with Inverter Quatro Compressor, quite efficient one.

Through its digital display and touch panel, you can adjust the different settings of refrigerator according to your needs. The cabinets are of uniform and balanced design. Other features we loved in it are Active C Fresh, 90 degree accessible. So, you can go for this one, being hassl-free.

2. Midea MRF5920WDSSF Side By Side Refrigerator

The runner up of our list is Midea MRF5920WDSSF.

This refrigerator offers you 591 L capacity which is enough for most of the Indian families. This refrigerator may be a little over 50k budget but we ensure that you won’t regret once you buy it. Designwise, it looks attractive along with its water dispenser and digital display. In the display you can operate different operations of the refrigerator like that of changing cooling temperature, modes, lock/unlock. Moreover, it is a frost free refrigerator.

During our testing, it provided optimum cooling and retained it even during electricity cut up to 10 hours easily. Overall, it has a strong build with good space and latest technology for keeping the things inside it fresh for a longer time. You can give a look to it as it is just a little over 50k budget.

1. AmazonBasics ‎AB2019RF005 Side By Side Refrigerator

Next we have listed AmazonBasics ‎AB2019RF005.

This refrigerator is available in different colours and models in the same price range, so check and go for what you want the most. With the capacity of 564 L, it also comes with a water dispenser. It is actually a helpful thing in a refrigerator. Cooling is found to be true of our expectations from this refrigerator, during our testing.

On the front, you get to see the control panel (touch panel), for different tasks. It worked well without any glitch, in our tests. In the Holiday Mode, less power consumption but continuous tasks. Moreover, this one is frost free. The whole storage area is well planned and it fulfilled our different needs, during our tests.

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