Best Side By Side Refrigerator Under 80000 In India 2024 (Reviews)

This is our review of the Best Side By Side Refrigerator Under 80000.

We have tested and compared all the Best Side By Side Refrigerator Under 80000 in the market. After that we have prepared this list to ensure you will get quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making right purchase.

Lets’ get started !


Over the course of 4 month-long testing period, we selected these Side By Side Refrigerator Under 80000 based on the different criteria.

Our picks are based on product warranty, features, durability and brand popularity below.

These Are Top And Best Side By Side Refrigerator Under 80000 In India 2024

  • Godrej ‎52141501SD02391 Side By Side Refrigerator
  • Whirlpool ‎WS SBS 570 STEEL (SH) Side By Side Refrigerator
  • Samsung ‎RS72A50K1SL/TL Side By Side Refrigerator
  • Haier ‎HRB-550KG Side By Side Refrigerator
  • Haier ‎HRS-682KG Side By Side Refrigerator
  • Panasonic ‎NR-BS62GKX1 Side By Side Refrigerator
  • LG ‎GC-B257KQDV Side By Side Refrigerator

6. Godrej ‎52141501SD02391 Side By Side Refrigerator

Here comes the Godrej ‎52141501SD02391.

This black finished refrigerator is of heavy build quality.It offers 564 L capacity for your needs. Inside the refrigerator, we got to see good lighting leeting us accessible to things inside refrigerator easily. In the door balcony, there is enough space to store large sized bottles too, quite easily. Its auto defrost feature prevented excessive ice build up, automatically, during our testing.

Moreover, through its digital display, we changed its temperature, modes and so on. We found the display panel quite smooth in use. For additional security, the back is covered. Talking about this refrigerator, it is a good package to consider if you are looking for a side by side refrigerator. In fact, you can grab this refrigerator less than 80k range.

5. Whirlpool ‎WS SBS 570 STEEL (SH) Side By Side Refrigerator

In position 5, is the Whirlpool ‎WS SBS 570 STEEL (SH).

This grey color side by side refrigerator offers 570 Litres of capacity. In our tests, it prevent ice build up as it is equipped with auto defrost function. With its digital display, you can easily operate the functions of refrigerator. During our testing, we loved the most that this refrigerator maintained an even cooling in all corners even during electricity cuts.

Be assured that the things you will put inside refrogerator will be kept fresh for a more longer time. Overall, the different features along with heavy build quality and good performance, you can consider it, no doubt. This too is less than 80k budget so that you dont spend that much money.

4. Samsung ‎RS72A50K1SL/TL Side By Side Refrigerator

The position 4 is booked by the Samsung ‎RS72A50K1SL/TL.

The steel colored refrigerator offers you with a enough capacity of 692 Litres. We think that this size is suitable even for large sized families of India. In addition, this refrigerator is equipped with Digital Inverter Compressor, which is actually an efficient one. This refrigerator gives uniform cooling to each and every corner inside the refrigerator. We found different cabinets for differing needs, during our tests.

Inside the refrigerator, we loved Curd Maestro in its different cabinets. The refrigerator managed to keep the cooling for a longer period of time. Therefore, we were fully assured that the products kept inside would stay fresh, even in electricity cuts, as concluded in our tests. Overall, this is one of the best package from Samsung within 80k budget in side by side refrigerator.

3. Haier ‎HRB-550KG Side By Side Refrigerator

Next we have listed in our list is the Haier ‎HRB-550KG.

This one is for small to medium families. Even for large sized families if they don’t have that much stuff to put inside refrigerator. The refrigerator comes with black elegant design which will enhance the beauty wherever you will put it in your house. We liked that the door could be opened for 90 degrees, making things more accessible easily, during our testing.

You can put heavy weighted utensils easily on its toughened glass shelves. In addition, this refrigerator is equipped with PUF insulation which maintains the lower temperature and long lasting cooling. Other features we loved in this refrigerator, during our testing, are Deo Fresh Technology, Super cool & Super Freeze Mode, Smart & Holiday Function.

If you want other refrigerator from Haier you can look up for Haier ‎HRS-682KG Side By Side Refrigerator which have some different features like 100% convertible and so on.

2. Panasonic ‎NR-BS62GKX1 Side By Side Refrigerator

The runner up of our list we listed is the Panasonic ‎NR-BS62GKX1.

This one is available in different colors. It provides enough capacity of 592 L. We found it good enough and the storage is designed perfectly for differing needs of families. We loved that this refrigerator is WiFi enable. Also, it is equipped with inverter compressor. Performance wise, this fridge is found to be an efficient and powerful one.

Talking of body, it has sturdy build with heavy quality of shelves inside. It maintained cooling for a long term easily, during our testing. We should say that its WiFi enabled feature makes it stand out from rest of the crowd. In conclusion, this is one of the best modern technology package available in the market in near 80k budget.

1. LG ‎GC-B257KQDV Side By Side Refrigerator

Wait is over, the position 1 of our lis is occupied by the LG ‎GC-B257KQDV.

This one offers a huge capacity of 688 L which we think is enough for biggest of biggest families of India, no doubt. This refrigerator is an inverter one and provided matchless cooling performance, in our testing. It automatically prevents the build up of ice with its frost free capability.

Speaking of design, it has attractive alongs along with a heavy body. Kindly keep in mind that left side of the refrigerator is freezer and right side is regular fridge. At last, we got matchless results from this refrigerator, in its range, during our testing. So, no doubt you can go for it, if it has become your favourite choice.

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