Refrigerator Buying Guide India 2024

Refrigerator buying guide

Looking for guidance on selecting the right Refrigerator ?

Well you are in the right place. 

We bet you this is the one and only guide you need for choosing the right Refrigerator for your requirement.

So, read this article carefully.

When selecting a refrigerator for your home you will need to pay attention to several factors 

Let us discuss those factors: 

1. Types of refrigerator

There are mainly three types of refrigerators in India.

Single Door 

These refrigerators only have a single door refrigerator and a freezer. It is small in size and has an average capacity of 160 liters to 250 liters.

If you have two-three members in your family, then you can buy a single door refrigerator because it has such a sufficient amount of features that it will meet your intellectual needs.

Due to the small size, single door refrigerators have limited shelves. In terms of cooling technology, most single door refrigerators come with a manual defrosting freezer, in which you have to press the button manually so that the ice can be defrosted.

Double Door

This type of refrigerator in India will be seen in every Indian’s home because it has enough features that every Indian family needs.

In these, you also get a freezer up and down in many refrigerators. Their freezer is much larger than the single door refrigerator. If your family does not have many members and your family does not have much requirements then this refrigerator is for you

The capacity of a double door refrigerator starts at 200 liters and can go up to 400 liters. Double door refrigerators require more energy than single door refrigerators.

Side By Side Door

Side-by-side refrigerators are very expensive, their price starts from about 50000 and goes up to 3 lakhs.They have much more storage available than single door and double door. Most side-by-side refrigerators usually come with a capacity of 500-700 litres.

These refrigerators are designed in such a way that you can see both freeze and freezer simultaneously. You do not even need to tilt it in the type of refrigerator. It comes with quite a lot of space and adjustable deep shelves.

If you have a very large family then you must buy a side by side refrigerator. 

Their biggest disadvantage is that they have a very large size, it is very wide, so it consumes much more power than the refrigerator.

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2. Look for essential features

When you are buying a refrigerator, you should definitely see essential features such as an ice maker and water dispenser should be good.

The rest depends on you which fridge with features you want the most.

If you want to store Pepsi and Coca Cola drinks, then you need to store it, then you need a similar refrigerator which has more space.

And if you like meat, then you need a refrigerator that has a separate compartment where there is separate space for meat and dairy products.

3. Look for energy efficiency

Whenever you are buying a refrigerator, you should always look at the Energy Star label which tells the consumer how much electricity the electricity consumed, the more stars the less energy the refrigerator needs.

One more thing, if you buy a 5 Star Refrigerator, it will be a bit more expensive than a 2 star refrigerator but this will help cut down overall costs in the long run.

Refrigerator certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency to measure energy efficiency in India.

We have told you through the table below how much BEE energy star rating can save your money.

Bee Star Energy RatingSaving Rs Per Year

4. Look for extra warranty

Generally, 10 years warranty is available by every refrigerator brand in India, so if you have more than 10 years warranty, you can also pull the refrigerator so that the refrigerator will run longer for you.

Some refrigerator brands in India such as Samsung and LG also offer extended warranties, although they are not free but will be very beneficial for you in the long term.

5. Look for the cost

How much your budget is. Price tag is a very important factor. When you buy a new fridge, you first calculate your savings, after that you see which refrigerator you need according to your needs.

A simple single door refrigerator will start from 10000, and the cost of a side by side refrigerator will start from the 3rd to 3 lakhs, so according to your needs, you must see what help you need

We have explained through the table below, which refrigerator is suitable for a person with multiple families.

Refrigerator TypeCapacity
Ideal For
Single Door
100-1301-3 members
Double Door
190-5003-6 members
Triple Door
220-3503-6 members
Side By Side Refrigerator
500-9006+ members

6. Direct Cool VS Frost Free Refrigerator

Mostly two types of refrigerators are available in India which have direct cool and frost-free technology. Let us tell you what is the difference between direct cool and frost-free refrigerators.

Direct Cool

Direct cool refrigerators are a little cheaper, they also have very low power consumption compared to frost free refrigerators.

In a direct cool refrigerator, you have to do manual deforesting.

Frost Free Refrigerator

These types of refrigerators are very expensive and they also have more electricity consumption.If you have a shortage of time and you do not want to manually defrost, then there is the function of automatic defrost.

In these, refrigerators, fruits and vegetables keep you fresh for a long time.


We hope that by reading this guide, you have got the right idea which will help you in buying a Refrigerator according to your needs.

If you have got useful information from this Guide, then please share this article with your friends so that they can buy the best, durable, budget friendly and smart Refrigerator too!

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