Washing Machine Buying Guide India 2024

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When selecting a Washing Machine for your home you will need to pay attention to several factors.

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Know the Types of Washing Machine

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi-automatic washing machines are great for those who don’t have the time or energy to do all of their laundry. There’s no need to manually move clothes around, because they’ll be taken care of in a machine by themselves! A semi-automatic washing machine is the perfect choice for those on a budget.

A semi automatic washer has two tubs. In one tub, you put your dirty clothes and items for making them clean by washing. In the other tub you put your clothes for drying after washing them. Semi automatic washing machines require a lot of human work.

Benefits of Semi Automatic Washing Machines

  • Semi automatic machines do not require continuous water supply. This will be much helpful if you are living in a water crisis area.
  • These semi automatic machines have a small duration wash cycle.
  • Also, semi automatic washing machines consume less water as compared to fully automatic washing machines.
  • These washing machines are lightweight, easily movable.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

In a fully automatic washing machine, you need to do very little efforts for both washing and drying.

With fully automatic washing machines, you can avoid pouring water for washing or rinsing and starting your clothes in an effortless way. The one tub system both cleans and dries the laundry as soon as it enters its tub so there is no need to waste time waiting around! With this type of appliance, all that’s left after setting up routine washes are taking out items when they’re done drying.

Benefits of Fully Automatic Washing Machines

  • Fully automatic washing machines are quite easy to use. It’s all operations can be operated easily.
  • These machines require less time. In the washing and drying cycle, fully automatic washing machines provide you effective results that you can rely on.
  • A fully automatic washing machine provides very effective cooling.
  • The fully automatic washing machines come in a wide range of capacity. So now you can select either a large-sized or small-sized fully automatic washing machine.

Top Load Washing Machine

A top loading washing machine is a relative newcomer to the market, but it has taken over due to its simplicity and efficiency. These machines have one tube for both washing and drying that sits vertically in them so there’s no need to move clothes between tubs like with front or bottom loading models-just fill up all functions from start then wait! 

They also regulate water flow more precisely than other sorts of washers which ensures effective cleanliness without wasting time waiting for testers (or getting your hands dirty). Finally these types can be used by anyone regardless if you’re short on space inside your home as they are perched at rooftops where height isn’t such required.

Benefits of Top Load Washing Machines

  • Top load washing machines are Inexpensive and fits in budget perfectly as compared to front load washing machines.
  • You can add extra clothes even after the wash cycle starts in the top load washing machine.
  • Top load washing machine has faster wash cycle
  • These machines are easily movable and also fits easily in less space.

Front Load Washing Machine

In front load washing machines, clothes are loaded from the front side as its drum sits horizontally. The front-load washing machine is an advanced technology washing machine nowadays. These washing machines are equipped with lots of advanced features and functions which makes washing and drying of cloth quite easy as compared to top load washing machines.

Benefits of Front Load Washing Machines

  • In a front load washing machine you will get the best wash quality.
  • Front load washing machines are equipped with advanced new functions and features.
  • Front load washing machines are quite reliable.

Difference Between All Types of Washing Machines

Semi Automatic Washing MachineTop Load Washing MachineFront Load Washing MAchine
No. of TubsTwoOneOne
Wash Quality AverageGoodExcellent
Human Efforts RequiredHighVery LessVery Less
Machine SpaceHighMediumMedium
PriceRs. 8000 to 15000Rs. 15000 to 40000Rs. 25000\ to 40000

Features to Check


Washing machine capacity is given in kilograms, which refers to the maximum load weight the  washing machine can hold. The larger the capacity, the more clothes your machine can wash at a time.

Material of the Drum/Tub  

The tub may be made of stainless steel, porcelain-enamel, or plastic.. The stainless steel tubs are the best, in view of the fact that they can withstand high spin speeds and they are the most long-lasting as compared to other drums.

Wash Settings 

Some washing machines have less wash settings while some have more wash settings. You have to choose any of them as per your needs. A washing machine will probably have more efficient cooling.

Time Delay 

This feature gives you the opportunity of loading your washing machine with the intention of starting it afterward. On the other hand, the pre-soak feature lets you soak your clothes for a certain period of time, before the wash cycle begins automatically.

Spin Cycle (RPM)

This feature is used for drying clothes and it is determined as revolutions per minute. Higher the RPM, the better it will dry your clothes, depending on the types of clothes you want to dry. 

Which Washing Machines Are Best In India 2024?


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